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How Big is a 5×5 Storage Unit?


5x5 storage unit

When selecting a self storage unit, the first decision you’ll have to make is how much space you require. If you’ve never rented a storage unit before, you may not have much familiarity with the standard unit sizes, nor have any idea how much stuff you can cram into each one.

For example, what about the 5×5 storage unit? Is this sufficient space for all of your items, or could you benefit from something a tad roomier? In this article, we’ll offer some insight into roughly what you can and can’t fit into a 5×5 storage unit.

Sizing Up 5×5 Storage Spaces

A storage space that’s five feet wide and five feet long will give you a total of 25 square feet. A good rough comparison here would be a large closet space. Note that, in most self storage facilities, the 5×5 storage unit is the smallest unit available. As such, it’s generally recommended for those whose needs are relatively minor. If you’re looking for a place to stash a large boat or an entire house’s worth of furniture, you’re probably better off opting for something quite a bit roomier.

What Can You Fit in 5×5 Storage Units?

With that said, what can you fit inside a 5×5 storage space?

Again, this is roughly the amount of space you’d find in a nice, generous closet. It should offer you more than enough room to fit your dresser, a small mattress set, and a handful of boxes.

Additionally, many folks like to use their 5×5 storage space to stash their garden tools, some holiday decor, or other items that have seasonal use.

Those are just a few of the things you can fit inside 5×5 storage units… but what about items like washer and dryer sets, motorcycles, and more? In the following section, we’ll offer some case-by-case guidelines.

Evaluating Self Storage in the 5×5 Unit Size

Here are a few of the most common queries about the volume of 5×5 storage units:

  • Can you fit a queen-sized bed in a 5×5 storage unit? While you probably can fit a queen mattress into your 5×5 unit, it will be tight. You won’t have much room for other items. Chances are, if you have a mattress of this size that you want to store, you’ll be better off looking at larger unit sizes.
  • Can you fit a washer and dryer set into your 5×5 storage space? Probably not! Generally, you’ll want to get a larger size, perhaps a 10×20, to house these appliances.
  • Can you fit a motorcycle into a self storage unit in this storage unit size? Unfortunately, the answer here is almost certainly no. (Unless you’re talking about a toddler-sized bike!)
  • How many boxes can fit into a 5×5 storage unit? It depends on the size of the boxes, of course, but you can probably fit anywhere from five to 10, if you stack them.

If you have any additional questions about what will or won’t fit into a self storage space, it’s best to reach out to the storage company directly. We welcome you to contact Smith Valley Storage with any item-specific queries.

Tips for Finding the Right Size Unit

If you’re still unsure of the self storage unit sizes that are right for you, we have just a few tips we can offer.

  • Start by taking a simple inventory. Make a list of all the items you need to place in your storage unit. Only when you have a basic inventory will you be able to make a really informed decision about how much self storage you need.
  • Measure your larger or oddly-sized items. While you don’t necessarily need specific measurements of each and every item that you plan to store, we do recommend getting out the measuring tape to verify the dimensions of your bulkiest items.
  • Think about access. When considering your need for self storage units, it’s vital to think about if and when you might need to access particular items. This can inform how you arrange and stack your items, and in some cases may necessitate a roomier space.
  • Give yourself some room to breathe. We mean this literally! You’ll want to allow just a little extra space for ventilation, and for the reality that additional storage needs may present themselves. Ultimately, you’re probably better off opting for a space that’s a little too big than a space that’s much too small.

If you have any specific questions about sizing and selecting storage units, we welcome you to contact us directly.

Know the Rules of Your Storage Unit

Something else to keep in mind as you search for the right storage units: There may be some limitations on what you are and are not allowed to store.

For example, the vast majority of self storage companies will prohibit you from storing weapons, or anything that could be flammable. And while you may be allowed to store a motorcycle, ATV, or even a small car, you’re not supposed to store any fuel.

Common sense dictates that you not store any perishable items in your storage unit. Also remember that storage units can sometimes attract mold, mildew, or pests, especially if you use them to house items that contain moisture. So, for instance, if you do store a fridge or a washing machine, make sure you fully drain them before moving them into your storage unit.

Find Out More About Selecting Storage Units

Ultimately, as you ponder your need for a storage unit, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. Size is surely at the top of that list. Make sure you make a thoughtful decision about the size of the storage unit you need, based on a realistic appraisal of what you want to place within it.

Do you have additional questions about renting a self storage space? We’d love to talk with you further. Reach out to Smith Valley Storage to talk with us about your options for storing items in one of our self storage facilities.

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