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Is Indoor or Outdoor Storage Best for My Classic Car in Greenwood, IN?


Do you consider your classic car another member of the family? Storing options are critical to keeping your “extended” family member in tip top condition. Is indoor or outdoor storage best for my classic car in Greenwood, IN? 

This question can be answered by looking at a variety of factors including duration of storage, weather, and safety of the area in which you are storing.

Duration of Storage

Long-term – Do you migrate to the South for the sometimes-harsh Greenwood, IN winters and are looking for a place to store your vehicle? Then indoor storage is the definite choice for you. This storage options allows for maximum protection from all that might come during an extended time away.

Short-term – Looking for a space to keep your classic car safe from the wear and tear that takes place at your home garage? Avoid worrying about damage that might be caused from regular household activities by opting for outdoor storage at Smith Valley Storage. Outdoor storage, while providing less protection than indoor, is a great option for those motorists who will frequently check-in on their beloved vehicles.


Indiana is known for experiencing all seasons in full force. We have our blazing hot summers and winters that see feet of snow. All of this change can do considerable damage to your classic car. If you are looking to store your classic car over the more treacherous months of winter, indoor storage should be your option. You could opt for outdoor storage when weather is nicer in Spring or Summer.

Regardless if your select indoor or outdoor storage, make sure that your classic car is fully prepped for storage. Learn more about proper storage techniques by reading this article from 

Safety of the Area

Classic cars not only hold sentimental value but monetary as well. Check on the safety precautions that the facility you store at implement. Smith Valley Storage provides maximum protection with our Video Surveillance feature that records our property 24/7. Management is also on call at all hours to make sure that your prized possessions are kept safe and sound. Whether you choose indoor or outdoor storage, you can rest assured that Smith Valley Storage will have the safety of your vehicle covered!

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