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Self Storage with Video Surveillance in Greenwood Indiana


Ever leave your stuff at a friend’s house and it ends up gone forever? We know it is a huge commitment when you leave your stuff somewhere else other than your own house. But what happens when you are simply out of space, moving, need some more space for the office, etc.? You have to leave your “stuff” somewhere else. Well, why not leave it in storage with video surveillance in Greenwood Indiana, at Smith Valley Storage!

Video SurveillanceStorage with Video Surveillance in Greenwood Indiana

At Smith Valley Storage you can guarantee that you “stuff” will be monitored at all time. Storage with Video Surveillance in Greenwood Indiana is at Smith Valley Storage. With the top of the line video surveillance, Smith Valley knows the importance of leaving your belongings somewhere else. We understand that since you aren’t looking after it then someone else needs to for you! With top of the line security, our digital surveillance records 24/7. YES! At all times! You can’t get much more secure than that. Click here to learn about the importance of choosing the best surveillance for your company.

Strategic Angles

By placing cameras in strategic angels all around our property, we see everything! There isn’t a spot we can’t see. When it comes to protecting your belongings this is very important. If a criminal were to come onto the property they typically will monitor and scope out when cameras switch angels. However, our system will really stump them as there is not an uncovered spot on our property. To learn more about angels and camera placement, click here!

Monitoring from the Owner’s Pocket (and office)

When we say we are always watching and monitoring the property, we really are. The owners have access to all of the cameras at all times right from their phones. It is like a window into the facility right from the comfort of their own home! With such updated technology, they know every time a person goes onto the property and when they leave. How cool is this! This really puts the customer at ease and they can trust that their personal property will be safe. Want more information on specific surveillance, click here!

Password Protected Video Surveillance | Smith Valley Storage

Being a 24-hour facility, this means there is access at all times. The gates and units are all password protected! This gives the convenience and luxury of accessing YOUR stuff when YOU want! Along with being 24-hours, we need to make sure that we have the best security system around to keep you and your belongings safe.

Security is what we Stand for

Whether it be 2 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon, we can guarantee that your belongings will be monitored at all times at Smith Valley Storage. With 24-hour recording, monitoring from the owners pocket, and strategic camera angels, we’ve got you covered! Call Smith Valley Storage for storage with video surveillance in Greenwood Indiana today to get your safe unit today! 317-882-7361 Or visit us online to get started!


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