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How Big is a 10×20 Storage Unit?


10x20 Storage Unit

There are countless reasons why you might need to rent a self storage unit. For example, maybe you are preparing to move to a new house, and need to declutter before you list yours. Maybe you are a college student on summer holiday, kicked out of your dorm but not terribly interested in shuffling everything back to mom and dad’s house. Or maybe you simply have a surplus of garden tools, holiday decor, or small business inventory that you need to stash somewhere.

Regardless, self storage units present a great opportunity. And as you think about getting a storage unit, one thing you’ll want to consider is unit size. Storage units come in a few standard dimensions, with the 10×20 unit being one of the most common examples.

Is a 10×20 storage unit enough space for your belongings? Is it too much? In this storage unit size guide, we’ll help you get a better sense of just how spacious this storage unit size really is.

Storage Unit 10x20

How Large is a 10×20 Storage Unit?

As you can probably guess, this size unit is 10 feet long and 20 feet wide. If you estimate an eight-foot ceiling, that adds up to 1,600 cubic feet of storage space. (But of course, you shouldn’t just assume; always check with your self storage company to confirm total storage unit sizes.)

A 10×20 unit is one of the larger options available. To help put it into perspective, a storage unit of this size is about the same amount of space as you’d get in a standard one-car garage.

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What Can You Fit into a 10×20 Storage Unit?

Even with that picture in your mind, it may be hard to envision what you can and can’t fit into a self storage unit of this size. Here is a quick rundown of the possibilities given to you by a 10×20 storage unit.

As a general rule, a 10×20 storage unit is going to work really well for storing the contents of a multi-bedroom home. In fact, you can potentially get the contents from up to five separate rooms into your 10×20 storage unit. Additionally, this is one of the best storage unit sizes for storing a large amount of lawn and garden equipment, or for packing many rows of stacked boxes.

Some additional considerations for what you can fit into a self storage unit of this size:

  • Your 10×20 storage unit should offer ample space for appliances, including air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators.
  • You can also pack a lot of furniture into a storage unit of this size, including a king-size mattress, a dining room set, bed frames, dressers, patio furniture, and beyond.
  • These storage units provide space sufficient for jet skis, canoes, lawnmowers, motorcycles, sports gear, and even small trailers.

Can You Fit a Car into Your 10×20 Storage Unit?

Storage units of this size roughly resemble the dimensions of a standard one-car garage, which means they can accommodate most cars and trucks. With that said, you may be better off seeking self storage options that are specially designed for vehicles, which may allow you a little bit more flexibility and ease of access.


How to Pack Storage Units

No matter which size you choose, you will want to be smart in the way you use your space. Here are a few general tips for packing items into storage units, as efficiently as possible:


  • Put everything into a box. Generally, you want to avoid having a lot of loose items in your self storage space. With the exception of large and bulky items, try to fit everything into a box whenever possible.
  • Stack carefully. Rule of thumb: Fill boxes as much as possible, which will prevent them from collapsing. Put larger/heavier boxes on the bottom, and stack your lighter items on top.
  • Think in terms of accessibility. You never know when you are going to need to access that old TV set, or your spring garden supplies. Make sure you leave a pathway within your storage space, ensuring you can get in and out to retrieve items as needed.
  • Know what not to store. Storage units usually come with some strong prohibitions against storing guns, ammo, fuel, or anything that might be flammable. These rules are mostly common sense, but still, it’s wise to double check.

10x20 Unit

Tips for Choosing Storage Units

As you consider which size storage unit is right for you, keep these guidelines in mind:


  • Take measurements. Start by bringing out your measuring tape and getting the precise dimensions of your larger or bulkier items. This is a great way of verifying that your stuff will fit into the allotted space.
  • Ask about climate control options. Many self storage companies will let you choose between climate controlled and non-climate controlled spaces. You may not need this added feature, but if you do, it’s always smart to check the price point in advance.
  • Ask to see a unit before you commit to it. There’s no reason to pay for a storage unit until you have the chance to see it for yourself, visually confirming that it has the space you require.
  • Check security measures. It’s also wise to ask the self storage company what measures they take to protect your belongings… and, what precautions you should be taking on your own.

Get the Self Storage Space That’s Right for You

As you seek a self storage facility that fits your needs, we welcome you to visit us at Smith Valley Storage. We have a range of options so that everyone can find something that meets their needs. We’d love to show you the unit sizes that we have available, and to help you determine which space is right for you. Reach out to us at any time!

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