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How Big is a 10×15 Storage Unit?


10x15 Storage Unit

When selecting a public storage unit, one of the most critical considerations is square footage. On the one hand, you don’t want to pay for more space than you really need. On the other hand, you don’t want to move into a self storage unit that doesn’t quite hold all your stuff, only to have to move into a larger one down the road.

As you consider different storage unit sizes, you’ll inevitably come across a 10×15 storage unit, one of the most standard sizes. How big is a 10×15 storage unit, anyway? And what can you realistically expect to fit inside this unit? Allow us to help you understand the parameters.

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How Big is a 10×15 Storage Unit?

You may think the answer to this first question is easy. A 10×15 storage unit is 10 feet wide and 15 feet across, of course! But there’s a little more to it than that. As you make calculations, note that a public storage unit of this size offers a total of 150 square feet. And, assuming your self storage unit has the standard eight-foot ceiling, you’ll have a total of 1,200 cubic feet of space.

Okay… But How Big is That Really?

If you’re still trying to visualize how much space you’ll find in a 10×15 storage unit, consider this: This storage unit size offers you about as much room as a spare bedroom. It’s also about two thirds as much space as you’d find in a standard one-car garage.

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What Can You Fit into a 10×15 Storage Unit?

The 10 x 15 storage unit size is one of the larger options available, and will give you enough space for you to store as many as four rooms’ worth of items and furniture. Certainly, this is one of the better self storage unit sizes to select if you’re looking to store, say, your entire living room.

But what about specific items? Here’s a quick guide to what you may be able to fit into your 10×15 storage unit.


With storage units of this size, you can typically find space for a wide range of appliances. These might include water heaters, ovens, washing machines, dryers, fridges, and beyond.


Storage units of this size will also allow ample space for larger furniture items including king-size mattresses, couches, dining room tables, and much more.

Vehicles and Outdoor Gear

What about vehicles and outdoor items? Storage units in the 10×15 size will accommodate canoes, motorcycles, jet skis, lawnmowers, small tractors, holiday decor, and gardening supplies, as well as sports equipment.

Business Supplies

10×15 storage units will also allow you to stash such items as large tools, paper documents, and retail inventory of all kinds.

These are just a few examples of how you might use this size unit. But of course, it needs to be said that these guidelines are generalizations. You should always take measurements of your items, especially oversized or bulky ones, to make sure they will work in a 10×15 storage unit.

What About a Car?

One of the most common questions we get about using a 10×15 storage unit is whether that’s sufficient space for a car. The short answer: It depends! Vehicles come in all different sizes, and larger ones will not fit into these storage units. However, some smaller, compact cars do fit. Before deciding, we highly recommend you take measurements to get a clear verdict on your specific vehicle.

Do These Storage Units Work for a Two-Bedroom House?

Storage units of this size are usually ideal for those who need to store furniture, decor, and other items from a two-bedroom home or apartment.

Packing Storage Unit

How to Pack Your 10×15 Storage Unit

If you have decided that a 10×15 self storage unit is right for you, the next step is ensuring you know how to pack it properly. Here are a few tips for making the most of your self storage space.

  • Put everything into a box, unless it simply will not fit. You generally want to avoid having loose items in your storage unit.
  • Make sure to put the heaviest boxes on the ground, and stack smaller or lighter boxes on top.
  • Think about access; are there any items that you think you’ll need to retrieve in the near future?
  • Be sure you leave pathways that you can walk through in order to access or rearrange items in your storage unit.
  • Check with the self storage facility to find out which items may be prohibited. Most self storage companies will ask you not to store guns, ammo, fireworks, or fuel.
  • Also remember not to store anything that involves moisture, which can cause mold to grow or even attract pests.
  • Before renting self storage space, it’s always smart to brush up on the facility’s security measures.

With these tips, you can make savvy use of your space. If you have any additional questions about choosing the right size unit, or ensuring your unit is packed properly, we welcome you to contact Smith Valley Storage at your next opportunity.

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