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How Big is a 5×10 Storage Unit?


5x10 Storage Unit

Looking to rent a self storage unit? You might assume that all storage units are created equal… but that’s not quite the case. Actually, there are a number of factors that might distinguish one storage space from another. One factor is climate control. Another is security. Most foundational of all? The unit size.

Indeed, one of the first decisions you have to make with regard to your storage space is the storage unit size you want to get. Most storage unit companies provide some standardized options, with 5×10 as one of the most common.

So how big is a 5×10 storage unit, really? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Sizing Up the 5×10 Storage Unit

Storage Unit 5x10

Let’s start by talking about the dimensions. When we talk about a 5×10 storage unit, what we mean is a physical space that’s five feet wide and 10 feet long, totaling 50 square feet. Most storage facilities have eight-foot ceilings, which will give you a total of 400 cubic feet of storage space. However, you’ll probably want to double-check these dimensions before signing on the dotted line.

If you’re having a hard time visualizing what a 5×10 storage unit might look like, just imagine your walk-in closet back home. That should give you a rough idea of how much room you’ll get from a unit of this size. In a typical walk-in closet, one person can stand inside to browse the items assembled there, but you probably wouldn’t want two or three people in there at once. You could also liken the 5×10 storage unit to a half bathroom or to a large outdoor shed. These are all good, approximate reference points.

What Can You Fit Into a 5×10 Storage Unit?

What Can I Fit 5x10 Storage Unit

The next question: Exactly how much stuff will fit comfortably in a 5×10 storage unit? Let’s walk through some specifics.

How Many Boxes Will Fit into a 5×10 Storage Space?

The number of boxes you can store obviously depends on a few factors, such as the size of the boxes and how carefully you stack and arrange them. Generally speaking, though, this storage unit size should be room enough for at least 20 large-sized boxes, potentially leaving you with room to spare. Note that, if you are also using your self storage unit to stash furniture or other bulky items, you may wish to use a mix of larger, mid-sized, and smaller boxes to ensure enough room to maneuver.

What Else Will Fit Into My 5×10 Self Storage Unit?

With this size unit, you can usually fit the contents of one medium-sized bedroom, including a number of boxes and storage containers. You should also have room for one or two bigger furniture items. If you are looking to store the contents of a college dorm room, a storage unit of this size is usually going to be sufficient.

More specifically, your storage unit will probably have enough space for items such as the following:

  • Furniture: Chairs, a chest of drawers, small dressers or nightstands, twin mattress, queen mattress, small sofas, lamps, TV stands.
  • Appliances: Microwaves, toasters, window AC units.
  • Outdoor items: Bicycles, lawn mowers, sports gear, seasonal tools, motorcycles.
  • Business supplies: Small office equipment, extra inventory, boxes of documents.
  • Other: Toys, musical instruments, books, TVs, luggage, gardening supplies.

A couple of additional notes: While a 5×10 storage unit can comfortably fit a queen or twin mattress, king-sized beds may be a little dicier. You can likely fit one into your unit, but it may be tight, and it may not leave you with much space left over. Second, a 5×10 unit will probably be enough for a motorcycle, but a 10×10 unit is really better-suited for storing these vehicles, especially motorcycles that are on the larger side.

Is There Anything I’m Not Allowed to Store?

There are a few things you are prohibited from storing in a self storage unit. For the most part, these restrictions are pretty obvious. For example, you’re not supposed to store live plants or animals, nor any kind of fuel, ammo, guns, fireworks, or flammable materials. If you do store a vehicle in your storage unit, it’s recommended that you drain all the gas first. Also avoid storing any items that have moisture, which could attract pests or create mold.

Making the Most of Storage Units

As you explore your options for storage units, it’s important that you select the right dimensions, but also that you pack effectively. Here are some tips for maximizing the space in your self storage facility.

  • Put everything in a box. Some larger, bulkier items may not fit, but generally, you want to reduce the number of “loose” items you place in your storage space.
  • Be strategic in how you stack boxes. Make sure larger and heavier boxes are at the bottom, with lighter boxes on top. Also, try to make sure your boxes are filled as completely as possible.
  • Think about accessibility. If there are items you are going to need more often than others, don’t put them at the very back. Also, make sure to leave paths or walkways to access or rearrange your items.

Choosing the Right Storage Units

Choosing the Right Storage Unit

As you consider your options for self storage units, it’s important to think about dimensions. Use a storage unit size guide to ensure you’re getting enough space. Also, be sure to measure your larger or bulkier items to verify they will fit in the unit you’ve selected.

If you’re looking for storage units and have further questions about sizing, we invite you to contact Smith Valley Storage. We’d love to show you our storage units at your next convenience.

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