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Can I Run My Small Business Out Of a Storage Unit in Greenwood?


Some of the world’s most well-known businesses had their start outside of the typical office setting. Walt Disney and Steve Jobs started their businesses out of their own garages!

A storage unit could be your perfect location to getting your small business off the ground. Read on to learn about how you can launch your small business venture out of one of our units.

Personal Office

Need to get away from home to get things done? Storage units make this need affordable! Renting a storage unit can provide you with your own space while still allowing you to operate on a budget. Ensure that the unit you are renting has adequate heating and cooling as well as a nearby bathroom.


Additional Storage Space

Want to have product in your hands when customers show interest? Choosing to run your small business out of a storage unit should be your first choice! Storage units allow you to have plenty of product in stock for when customers are wanting to buy. This can minimize the time it takes to be shipped and result in a happy customer!



Running a small business comes with countless variables. How long will I operate before expanding? Where is my business most profitable? Storage unit rental offers the convenience of short-term rentals. This allows for you to change your storage needs as your business takes shape. Need a larger space? Rent a larger unit next month or take on an additional unit!

 To read more about month to month storage, visit our blog post “Month to Month Storage in Greenwood, IN”:


24/7 Access

Do you get your best work done at night? Choosing to run your small business out of a storage unit can solve your late-night work problems. Some storage facilities allow 24/7 access to units. Renting an office space in an office building may put your creative genius under the restrictions of “normal business hours.” 

While all these benefits and more are present when you choose to run your small business out of a storage unit, make sure that the storage facility allows you to do so. Check in with management to ensure that you are using the facility correctly. Improper usage of a storage facility could lead to eviction or even lawsuits.

Ready to get the ball rolling with your small business? Smith Valley Storage is ready to help! View our unit options are availability HERE and rent today!