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Month to Month Storage in Greenwood Indiana


Month to Month Storage in Greenwood Indiana is a very useful tool when you don’t necessarily know how long you need to store your items. Some people need to store their things for just a month, while others need access to decide to store for another month or two. With the liberty of being able to choose your own terms, it makes storing your belongings that much easier. 

What is Month to Month Storage

Month to month storage in Greenwood Indiana means that you can store your items for any given amount of months. Some places make you sign a lease which locks you into at least a three-month commitment. Month to month means if you want to sign for one month at a time, that’s okay! Some people just don’t know how long it is they will be needing to store their items.

Why Would I Need Month to Month Storage?

Life happens, and most of the time it is unavoidable! Below are a couple scenarios you may find that month to month storage in Greenwood Indiana is a must!

Mother Nature: Mother nature can take a toll on you and your home. What happens when the basement floods? You need a dry place, and fast, to store your items while a team comes in to fix the mess. By having month to month storage, you have a safe and secure place to store your belongings.

Moving Out: Are you planning your next big move? Sell the house a little faster than anticipated? Now it’s time to get out with no place to go but your in-law’s basement. By having a month to month storage option, you can now store your items somewhere until you find your dream home!

Back Home for the Summer: A lot of college students who attend school out of state dread moving out! Not just because they don’t want to leave their friends, but because of the hassle of renting a Uhaul and lugging all of their apartment things home! By having month to month storage, this allows to just rent for the summer! Skip bringing all of that stuff back to the house and being overstuffed for a few months. Leave it in a safe and secure storage unit it’s time for that new apartment on the college campus!

Inventory Storage: Own a business? Online retail store? Maybe things are beginning to pile up and you need a breather. Don’t keep that extra inventory in your home. Or maybe you’re in between offices. Month to month storage lets you store the stuff away until you need it! 



Avoid Breaking Your Lease

Breaking your lease can be both tricky and expensive. Many storage facilities make you sign a storage contract including a three to six-month lease. By finding a facility the allows a monthly lease renewal, you can avoid paying this costly fee because you can choose the duration of your lease. When signing a lease you should always read it. Make sure you read the fine print, that the dates are correct, and that you agree with what the lease is instating. By having a full understanding, you can avoid the fees! By location month to month storage in Greenwood Indiana you will feel at ease! 

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At Smith Valley Storage we allow you to be the decider of how long you need your unit. With month to month storage in Greenwood Indiana, our Month to Month lease availability puts the power in your hands. Our 24-Hour, temperature controlled, video surveillance units are the perfect fit for you. Call today or reserve a unit online today!  317-882-7361

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