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How Big is a 15 x 40 Storage Unit


15x40 Storage Unit

There are plenty of reasons why someone might need to rent a storage facility, whether it’s because you are moving houses or simply looking for a place to store overflow items from your home or business. As you look for the perfect self storage facility, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is unit size.

The typical storage facility will offer you units in a few standard sizes. One of the options you’re likely to be presented with is the 15 x 40 unit. How big is this size storage unit, exactly? What kinds of items can you fit inside it? And in what situations might this be ideal for your storage needs?

Here is our comprehensive guide to this unit size.

Storage Unit 15x40

Sizing Up the 15×40 Self Storage Space

First, let’s consider this unit size from all angles.

How much storage space is in a 15 x 40 self storage unit?

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, this unit size offers you 15 feet in width and 40 feet in length, totaling 600 square feet total.

Is this the biggest unit size?

A lot of self storage units don’t even go as high as 15 x 40. This is really a specialty, plus-sized unit for those who need some extra storage space. More specifically, this unit size is typically marketed to businesses that need to store quite a bit of inventory, equipment, or vehicles. With all of that said, some storage facilities may offer even larger units, with some going as high as 20 x 50.

What can you fit in a 15 x 40 self storage unit?

These extra-large, drive-through storage units can easily fit all the contents of a single home. You can also use your 15 x 40 storage space to park either two full-sized SUVs, or else a single RV.

Again, this is a truly large space that’s typically intended for businesses, especially those that need to use a business storage facility for large vehicles and equipment. If you’re just looking to store a few boxes, the contents of a walk-in closet, or even the contents of a one-car garage, this is probably more room than you really need to accommodate your storage needs.

15x40 Storage

Comparing Storage Units

As you seek to determine whether this storage unit size is right for you, it may be helpful to compare it with some of the other standard storage unit sizes. Here is a quick rundown of some of the other options available to you, should you decide that the 15 x 40 storage unit provides extra space storage that you don’t really need.

Different Size Storage Unit Options


The 5 x 5 Storage Unit

This is typically the smallest unit available at most storage unit facilities. In this size storage unit, you can deposit plenty of boxes, some skis or other outdoor equipment, children’s toys, and perhaps even a few small furniture items. Note that this is less space than a one-car garage, so vehicles are definitely out.

The 5 x 10 Storage Unit

This is another standard option among storage units. It will contain enough room for sofas, futons, chairs, boxspring mattresses, chests of drawers, and various other small furniture items. This can also be a great place to deposit some business files and records.

The 10 x 10 Storage Unit

A 10 x 10 storage unit should offer you room equivalent to a one-bedroom apartment. Most major appliances will fit in this size storage unit, along with plenty of boxes, furniture, etc.

The 10 x 20 Storage Unit

This size storage unit is roughly equivalent to a three-bedroom house. You can fit major appliances and lots of boxes here; or, fairly large volumes of business records.

The 10 x 30 Storage Unit

This storage unit size gives you space equivalent to a four-bedroom house, or potentially even a five-bedroom house. Here you will have more than enough space to house business equipment, or to create a permanent storage space for important records, documents, and files.

With storage units of this size, you can typically find space for a wide range of appliances. These might include water heaters, ovens, washing machines, dryers, fridges, and beyond.

Storage 15x40

Tips for Choosing the Right Business Storage Unit

As we mentioned, the 15 x 40 storage unit is typically intended for businesses, including companies that need a safe and secure off-site location to keep older records and documents, excess inventory, etc. The question is, what steps can business owners take to ensure they are getting enough square feet to accommodate their needs, without overpaying for extra storage space?

Here are a few tips that businesses can use to help utilize the right storage unit size.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Business Storage Unit

  • Compare different storage unit size options. This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to simply plop down money on the first half-decent storage unit you spot. We would always recommend touring a few different units, sizing them up and getting a better sense of how many square feet each one actually entails. Be a smart shopper!
  • Take some measurements. You don’t necessarily need to measure every single box or item that you intend to store, but you should at least get the dimensions of vehicles and any large or bulky items, just to verify that you’re getting sufficient square footage in your storage unit.
  • Make a list. Before you invest in any storage units, take a little bit of time to create an inventory. Make a list of everything you plan to store in your unit. Involve other decision-makers on your team, asking if they have anything to add to the list. This can help give you a clear sense of your true storage needs so that you can make a more informed choice about your storage unit.
  • Determine whether you need climate control. Some storage units will allow you to regulate the temperature and humidity, while others will not. (Note that this is a fairly common feature in the 15 x 40 storage unit size.) Naturally, you’ll pay a bit more for this feature. Take stock of whether you need this, or can live without it.
  • Think about accessibility. Are you going to need a storage unit that allows drive-up loading and unloading? Again, this is a fairly common feature among 15 x 40 storage units, which are usually located on the ground floor.
  • Ask about security. The last thing you want is to have important business items stolen from your storage unit. Some storage units will supply their own robust security measures, though you will usually bear some of the responsibility for keeping your unit properly locked, etc. This is definitely something to inquire about before you finalize your storage unit decision.
  • Consider location. Do you want the convenience of a storage unit that’s located close to your business? Can you save money by driving an extra few miles? These are vital considerations to keep in mind as you compare different storage units.

To reiterate, the best thing you can do is shop around, comparing a few different storage units as you seek the one that’s best aligned with your business storage needs.

Self Storage 15x40

Making the Most of a Storage Unit

Whether you’re using your storage unit for business purposes or personal ends, it’s important that you know how to pack it effectively. Strategic packing is always the first step in properly utilizing storage units, no matter their size.

Here are some tips we’d offer for making the most of the square feet available in your storage unit.

  • Put everything in a box. Generally speaking, the best way to maximize your storage unit space is to ensure that you don’t have a lot of loose items. Sure, some larger or bulkier items won’t fit into a box, but by and large, you’ll want to make sure you use boxes whenever possible.
  • Stack boxes properly. Speaking of boxes, the way you stack them can have a big impact on how you use your available storage unit space. You’ll want to keep most of your boxes filled to the top, and place the larger and heavier ones at the bottom. Smaller or lighter boxes can go on top.
  • Think about accessibility. Arrange boxes and other items in such a way that you have a path available to you, making it easy to get into your unit to grab whatever items you may need. And if there are items that you assume you’ll need fairly soon or fairly often, be sure you place those toward the front of your storage unit.
  • Avoid moisture. One more tip: Any time you place items into storage units, you’ll want to take some basic precautions to avoid the formation of mold and mildew. Specifically, make sure that any appliances are completely drained of water; this is especially relevant for your fridge, freezer, or washing machine. In addition to keeping mold at bay, this will help keep pests out of the storage units.

As you consider different ways to maximize the square feet in your storage units, make sure you keep these tips and suggestions in mind.

15x40 Self Storage

Making the Right Decision About Renting Storage Units

As you look around at different storage units, you’ll find that there are plenty of options to choose from; indeed, storage units can vary in terms of square feet, security, temperature control, and more. For some, 15 x 40 storage units may be just perfect. For others, this size may provide extra storage space that isn’t really necessary.

As you look around for storage units that meet your needs, we welcome you to contact Smith Valley Storage. We’d love to help you find the square feet you require for your business or personal storage needs, whether that means a 15 x 40 storage unit or something a bit smaller. To start looking at different units, reach out to us today.

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