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Insulated Self-Storage in Greenwood Indiana


Insulated Storage

Insulated storage is the best way to keep your belongings safe. Insulated self-storage helps with extreme weather, pests, avoiding damage, and more! Learn about the ways you can use insulated self-storage and why it is a good choice for you.

What is an Insulated Storage Unit?

Insulated Self Storage in Greenwood Indiana is very important. If you are trying to determine whether your unit is insulated or not, the first step is to examine the walls. If the walls are exposed and you see a shell of a wooden frame. This means that your unit is insulated.

A wood frame is in place to cover exposed studs and hold the insulation intact. In the picture above, you will notice the wooden frame, along with it holding the insulation. You will also notice a grey interior wall. If a storage unit is finished, they will put up a wall to cover the insulation. This creates even better insulation. If the walls of your unit are standard metal sheets,  chances are your unit is not insulated.

Insulated vs Non-Insulated



  • Good for extreme weather
  • Protects against pests
  • Keeps unit climate controlled


  • Not as much space
  • Can be more expensive



  • Friendly cost
  • More space than in insulated
  • Easier to find


  • Hard to keep climate controlled
  • Possible critters
  • Bad for extreme weather

Benefits of Insulated Self-Storage

Storage with Extreme Cold

Indiana is known for its extreme changes in temperature. Whether it is 70 degrees in December or 30 degrees in June, insulated storage is the best choice in storage. Having insulation means protecting your items from harmful temperatures. In 2019, Indiana has seen the most extreme temperatures since 20+ years ago. With temps in the negative ’20s, insulated self-storage will keep your belongings safe. Extreme temperatures can damage equipment, such as electronics, paints, and certain furniture.

Extra Protection Against Pests

In Indiana, we have our fair share of pests. From raccoons to small insects, these critters are a storage unit nightmare. With insulated storage comes extra protection against these creatures. Insulation adds another layer to the wall that is much harder for a critter to get into. This protective layer also helps keep smells of harsh chemicals locked in. These smells can attract pests.

Climate Controlled

Chances are if your unit is insulated it will be climate controlled. A climate controlled unit needs insulation to be able to keep the temperatures at the appropriate levels. Climate controlled storage not only controls the temperature of the unit but also the humidity. Think of it as a thermostat and dehumidifier in one! These types of units provide maximum safety against the elements for your possessions.

Items to Store in Insulation

There are certain items that require climate controlled insulated storage. Below is a list of commonly stored items that require insulation. 

  • Electronics – Harsh temperatures can take a toll on electronics that are in storage. 
  • Batteries – Batteries can explode when stored in extreme temperatures. 
  • Wooden FurnitureWood is very sensitive to humidity and the cold. 
  • Pin Ball Machines – Weather can affect the inner workings of these machines.
  • Books/Magazines – Papers attract critters and warp if exposed to humidity. 
  • Instruments – Instruments need insulation as weather can damage them.
  • Taxidermy – These pieces are very sensitive to humidity. 


Insulated Self-Storage Unit Cost

Insulated self-storage tends to be more costly as opposed to non-insulated. The reason is because of the great benefits of insulated storage. There also takes more materials to build an insulated self-storage unit. According to Home Advisor, a self-storage unit with insulation can add $25-$30 to the monthly cost.


When to Choose Insulated Self-Storage

Insulated self-storage is best for colder months. If you are renting a storage unit all winter long, it will be safest to choose an insulated unit. Also consider if you are in an area where the humidity reaches high levels during the summer. Insulated storage will be a lifesaver to your wooden furniture and more. Check the weather in the area that your items will be stored in. If you see some extremes, go with an insulated unit to be safe!

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