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Climate-Controlled Storage in Greenwood, Indiana


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A self-storage is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have enough space for his or her things. A big concern when choosing a storage facility is will your items be protected from harsh conditions? You want to store your valuable items in a facility that will protect them properly. Choose the best option in climate controlled storage in Greenwood, Indiana! Smith Valley Storage!

What is climate controlled storage?

Climate controlled storage not only controls the temperature of the unit but also the humidity. Think of it as a thermostat and dehumidifier in one! These types of units provide maximum safety against the elements for your possessions.


Why choose Climate Controlled storage in Greenwood, Indiana?

Summers in Indiana see all types of weather. As residents of Indiana, we can experience anything from flash flood conditions to brutal heat. Sometimes both at the same time! Winters in Indiana are just as brutal. The potential for these conditions makes it so important to find a facility with climate controlled storage.

Climate controlled storage keeps your items at a constant temperature in order to protect them. Temperatures vary between 55°F and 85°F. The damage that can come from extreme temperature changes are:

  • Warp vinyl records, CDs, and DVDs
  • Wooden furniture expanding
  • Destroy wine
  • Retain moisture

Along with protecting your items, climate controlled storage in Greenwood, Indiana also provides a pleasant storage unit visit! You will no longer have to be victim to the heat as you move your belongings. Climate controlled units will provide relief from the heat whenever you need to visit the facility. Stop in before work or meeting with friends and leave without having to towel off!



Climate Controlled Storage in Greenwood, Indiana

Damaging Conditions


Indiana is very prone to the effects of humidity. Humidity causes major damage to valuable items. It can destroy paper documents as well as deteriorate other materials. It brings all the damage of a flooded storage unit without the flood! Humid conditions create breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Clothing and other objects wrapped in fabric will accumulate mold and be unusable. Climate controlled storage provides protection for the damage that is caused by humidity. Family heirlooms and other precious stored items will stay safe from harm in climate controlled storage in Greenwood, Indiana.

Extreme Cold

The extreme cold can also cause damage to your valuables. Indiana experiences winters with snow, ice and many storms most years. These conditions cause shrinking for many materials. This leaves cracks in wood and electronics come springtime. Invest in climate controlled storage in Greenwood, Indiana to protect your belongings. A good rule of thumb to follow is; if you wouldn’t leave it outside, it needs a climate controlled unit!

Extreme Heat

Just as extreme cold can damage valuables, so can heat! Indiana summers can see temperatures in the 90s frequently. Heat can also cause melting of objects such as candles and warping of CDs. Protect your items from expansion caused by heating. Choose climate controlled storage in Greenwood, Indiana


Popular Items that Require Climate Controlled Storage

If you are still on the fence about choosing climate controlled storage in Greenwood, Indiana consider what you are storing. The following items require climate controlled storage in order to maintain their value:


When your child brings home a piece of artwork they made at school you want to keep it forever! Placing the artwork in a storage facility that doesn’t provide climate control may cause it to be destroyed. The same goes for valuable art such as paintings and prints. Materials will be altered by extreme temperature changes and humid conditions. Use the protection of a climate controlled storage unit for your artwork!


Keep family photo albums safe by choosing climate controlled storage in Greenwood, Indiana. Exposing photo albums to changing conditions leads to leaking of the ink. This process destroys the image. Protect your memories by choosing a climate controlled unit.


Choose climate controlled storage if you are storing electronics for an extended period of time. Leaving these objects subject to heat and humidity can cause them to stop working. Cracks in television screens will occur as well as rusting of mechanical parts. Electronics will receive major internal and external damage if left unmonitored for extended periods of time. Issues like this will leave your electronics for the junkyard! Protect them with a climate controlled unit.


Whether it is a leather couch or a wooden bed frame, you need a climate controlled storage in Greenwood, Indiana. Furniture is one of the most popular items stored in a storage facility. Mold can accumulate on furniture that has fabric on it in humid conditions. Wooden furniture can shrink in cold conditions then expand in warm weather. This leads to cracks in the material. Protect the value of your furniture by investing in a climate controlled storage in Greenwood, Indiana.

Clean, Secure, & Affordable

Smith Valley Storage provides top quality self-storage units in Greenwood, Indiana. Our storage units provide a clean, secure, and affordable way to store your belongings. We have a variety of storage units available ranging from size and climate controlled units. Customer service is our main priority! Rent and pay for storage units online with ease! Storage units are accessible 24/7. We want to provide you with an excellent self-storage experience. For more information visit or call us at 317-882-7361 today!

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