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How to store things in a storage unit


So, you finally decided to move your belongings into a proper storage. Well lucky for you, there are plenty of storage centers for you to choose from. However, while finding a storage unit may not be a very difficult task, storing your goods in a safe way is. You will want to be sure to pack your belongings in a safe way as well as in a way that takes up less space.

Storing your things in a storage unit can be especially difficult, seeing how there is not a lot of space. This means that you will have to store your goods in a more efficient manner, to ensure that they take as less space as possible. So with the help of these self storage tips and tricks, you can learn the most effective way of storing your belongings in a storage unit.

Choosing the Right Unit

Storing your belongings is a great way to free up some space in your home. But packing your goods proves to be a greater challenge than you actually expected. And the first challenge comes from choosing the right unit.

Storing your goods in a storage company can be very risky, seeing how there are multiple things that can wrong. You will need to find a company or provider that you trust, as you are essentially entrusting them with your valuables. Even if you are not storing something of major value in the storage unit, you will have to choose a company with a track record of reliability and trust.

1. Don’t Start Searching For a Unit at the Last Minute

Searching for anything at the last minute is always a recipe for disaster. Whether you are looking for your keys, phone, or wallet minutes before leaving the house, or choosing a good storage unit for your belongings hours before you are trying to make room in your house, it just does not work. So you should always find and book your unit beforehand, and you should start your search for a storage unit at least days before you plan to move your things.

2. Packing Your Things for the Unit

Once you get the Storage unit you are looking for, you can move onto packing your things in an effective way. It can be a little hard keeping all of your boxes well organized in a storage container. But either way, one thing that you should always do before putting your belongings away is cleaning them. Cleaning your belongings before putting them into storage, even if it is for a short time, saves you from the awful stench later on. Furthermore, if you store items by wrapping them in plastic, they will stay clean during their time in storage. This can also save certain items from getting too dirty. Other than that, here are some more self-storage tips and tricks for you to use.

3. Take Inventory

Seriously, this is possibly the most important thing that you should do when putting your belongings in a storage unit. Taking inventory of the things that you are putting in has two benefits. One, it tells you exactly how much space you need. When you know exactly what you are putting in storage, finding the right unit just becomes that much easier. Secondly, and this may be obvious, But it also helps you stay organized when you get your things in the storage unit. Finding your items in a storage unit without a proper list can be a real nightmare. You have to through all of your stored items just to find one thing. You can really save yourself that hassle if you take Inventory of your things.

4. Mark the Boxes

Speaking of keeping an inventory, sometimes that is not enough. You may lose the list, or forget it on your way to the storage unit. So what do you do? Well, you can always just label the boxes. Labeling the boxes you store your belongings in is a certified way of finding what you want in a storage unit. These labels provide tips on where you may have packed your belongings and prevent an awkward situation where you can’t find certain items.

This can be very helpful, as labeling your boxes is a great way of keeping your things organized even when you do not have a list. Marking the boxes is also very important in case you leave your things in storage for several months. It can be easy to forget exactly where you kept your belongings, and a quick glance at the labels on your box can remind you of any equipment that might be in there.

5. Place Boxes Carefully

When it comes to storing your belongings in a Storage space, strategic placement is the name of the game. Just tossing your belongings inside the storage unit, shrugging your shoulders, and hoping for the best is unfortunately not the most effective way of keeping your belongings. Instead, you should think twice about where you want to keep your belongings inside storage.

You should keep items that you would normally access in the front of the unit, whereas items and belongings that you do not have much use for should go in the back. This will help with inventory and can help you find the right thing at the right time. You should also keep your lighter items on top, to prevent heavier items from crushing them.

6. Don’t Store Perishables

This is a mistake most people make when they are using a storage unit for the first time. You should never pack anything that is super fragile and keep it in a storage container. In addition, the reason for doing that is quite simple, it will most likely break. Even if you are very careful in placing it in the box, it may undergo damage during transit. Other than perishables, do not be the person that stores food in a storage unit. Apart from the awful rotting smell, food gone bad can attract a lot of bugs and rodents into your unit. Moreover, the last thing that you want is to see a rat dragging away a month old pizza slice.

7. Wrap Your Fragile Items More Carefully

Even though storing your fragile items in a Storage facility is not advisable, there are certain items that you want to get into storage. So even if you are storing your perishable items in a storage unit, you should wrap them carefully and effectively to avoid any damage. Packing paper or bubble wrap make for great protection and can prevent damage to your items even in the unit. You should also be careful packing any of your kitchen utensils. You should always take the extra effort in organizing and packing kitchen utensils, as they can harm you or undergo damage while in storage.

While the bubble wrap will not protect our items from falling, they will certainly prevent scratches, cracks, and various other forms of damage. You can also wrap your belongings in plastic to keep it safe from dust and stains, keeping them clean throughout their time in storage. However, if the fragile items are small, you can also place them between your clothes for an extra layer of protection.

8. It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Moving your things into storage units is still very much a move, and one that can be especially taxing. With various heavy items and storage facilities often far from your home, moving your items can be very difficult. In addition, while it may not be dangerous per say to move all of your belongings on your own, it sure is a lot of work that you are better off doing with a friend. Having a friend to help out with the heavy items can save you a lot of the stress and hard work that comes with moving. However, if there is just too much for you to handle, you can always ask for help from a moving company.

9. Get Insurance

Although most storage containers are very safe and can be trusted, you can never be too sure. Plastic and packing paper can only do so much to keep your belongings safe. The good news is that you may already have storage insurance as a part of your homeowners’ insurance plan. In the case that it is not part of your insurance, you can also buy a separate insurance plan for your storage unit. This insurance is especially useful if you live, and store your goods, in a city that is prone to natural disasters.

10. Don’t Store Anything That Is Super Valuable

A general rule, when it comes to storing items in your storage unit, do not store anything that is super valuable or precious to you. As long as you cannot afford to lose it, you should not keep it in a storage unit. . Stored items can get lost or misplaced in transit, so you should try your best not to leave items that are valuable in storage.

11. Purchase a Strong Lock

It goes without saying that getting the right lock for your unit, if it uses one, is very important. A strong lock can help keep your stored items safe from intruders. If the company does not provide a lock to you, you will have to buy a lock yourself. In addition, even if the company provides you with a lock when you rent out storage space, you should still get one yourself. Spend a little more money on a lock that can protect your things.

12. Don’t Share the Key or Access Code

Managing your storage unit is a massive responsibility, so it only makes sense that you would ask for someone else’s help. However, you should be more wise about who you trust with the keys to your storage facilities. Even if these items are of no current use to you, the only reason why you even have them is because they hold some value to you.

You should not allow someone to come into your storage unit and should only let people that you know and trust into your unit. A storage unit is a gold mine for people that have bad intentions, which is why you should be a lot more careful with who you let into your unit. Some units only open through a password, so you should also be very careful when inserting your password.

13. Keep Track Of What You Can or Can’t Store In a Unit

Regardless of what the marketing for most of these companies say, you cannot store anything in your storage unit. Other than these items being dangerous in a closed off space, companies will often give specific guidelines on what items they will allow inside a unit. You will have to adhere to these rules, and will have to make sure that you do not put something inside the unit that company does not allow.

Final Thoughts

Packing your things for a storage unit can be quite tedious and a little annoying. However, by following these tips you will be able to make quick work of your packing, and can easily find your belongings afterwards. They will also help keep your belongings clean while they are in storage. With this we conclude our guide on how to store things in a storage unit, but if this is not enough and you are looking to learn more about proper unit storage, then be sure to check out our website.

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