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Easy Drive-up Access to Storage Units


Drive-up storage units are a great way to maximize space inside your home without paying for more living space. By putting away unneeded items in a storage unit, you rely on an affordable method to keep them safe and get more home or business location space. This works whether you want to make room for a guest, or are expanding your business operations.

What Does It Mean To Be Drive-Up Accessible?

Drive-up storage units are different from regular units because they allow you to drive right up to the unit. This way, you load items off the vehicle and straight into the storage unit in no time. This reduces the amount of time, effort, and manpower it normally takes to move heavy and delicate items into a unit.

Why Having Drive Up Access Is Important

Although the extra perk of a drive-up storage unit may seem unnecessary, there are a few reasons why you should consider it.

Easy To Unload Car/Vehicle

You’ll save on having to get help when unloading items from your car or vehicle. Considering how it takes less time to put away items in a drive-up storage unit, you won’t have to reserve a separate day to collect or drop off things – you can easily do it by making a small stop along the way.

Easy To Store A Car/Boat

Drive-up storage makes it easier for you to park your boat or car into a unit without any extra help. This keeps your assets protected from the elements, and you can take them out from the unit without having to consider if assistance will be available.

No More Climbing Stairs or Waiting for Items to Be Delivered Down

When you come back to collect your items, you don’t have to walk around looking for your unit and then move them multiple floors down to your vehicle.

Instead, you move them from unit to vehicle – no hassle involved. Similarly, taking your car or boat out can be a breeze when the process is convenient and needs less assistance.

Get Awesome Features

With Smith Valley Drive-In Storage, customers get a bunch of awesome features.

24-Hour Access

Even if you put off getting seasonal decorations or furniture until the last day, you don’t have to worry. 24-hour access means that you can drive up, load all the things you need from the drive-up storage unit, and head home in no time. If you have a tight schedule, then you’ll definitely benefit from this feature.

Digital Video Surveillance

Renting a drive-up storage unit should come with peace of mind, and that’s exactly what we offer here at Smith Valley Storage. Our digital video surveillance facility employs advanced security cameras at strategic angles to make sure that we have eyes everywhere.

Gated Facility

Considering how we’re a 24-hour access service, we need to make sure that all drive-up storage units are equipped with advanced protection to prevent unauthorized entry. You’ll find that the gates and units are all protected via password. This allows you to leverage 24-hour access without compromising the safety of your items.

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