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Apartment storage can be a headache, but with these 7 helpful tips, you will be a storage pro no matter the size of your apartment! Find tips and tricks from hidden storage ideas, unique wall storage, and more.

Storage Furniture

Some furniture works both for function and storage! When shopping for your apartment, look for ottomans that can hold blankets or coffee tables that opt as a kitchen table as well. There are even bed frames that come with storage underneath with drawers. Furniture that acts as storage can be your best friend when living in an apartment. For more ideas on storage furniture, click here!

Go Up

You don’t have to store everything on the floor. By going up with some things you can really open up your space and have some more room. Start with hanging bikes. Hanging bikes on the wall can really make all the difference. You can also go up with things like baskets, metal/wooden crates, and more! For more ideas, click here!

Hidden Storage

Hidden storage can be anything from mirrors that act as cabinets/jewelry storage, picture frames that hide safes, and even furniture with hidden compartments. This can all be helpful in an apartment if you have any fine jewelry, weapons, or money that you don’t want on display or hidden. There are an endless amount of options when it comes to hidden storage. For more hidden storage ideas, click here!

Use The Walls

Walls can be utilized for shelving! The more shelves, the more “stuff” off the ground. You can really get creative with shelves. Some shelves even have some hidden storage so they can be used for decor and practical uses too. You can also use metal baskets as shelves, crates, and more. You can also hang hooks for your cleaning supplies like brooms, dusters, and plungers.  Check out the options below. For more ideas, click here!

Door Space

Utilize the inside of the door of your cabinets. You can put shelves on the back of the doors. Some even stick on or hang from the top so you don’t have to make anything permanent if you are renting. You can also use the back of your doors in your closet for a shoe rack or even for jewelry or a mirror. This will give you tons of space in your closet to store bigger items on the floor like a laundry basket or tubs for your winter clothes. For more ideas on door storage, click here! 

Pots & Pans

Hang them! There are many things you can use when it comes to hanging your pots and pans. You can use a pegboard or get fancy and buy a rack for them. This will give you a lot more cabinet space. There are also filing materials for your pots and pans if you do not have the wall space. This will keep your cabinets and drawers clutter free and make it easier to find the pan you need! For more ideas kitchen storage, click here!

Go Underneath

Under the bed is one of the more obvious places to store things when it comes to apartment storage. Make it easier with long tubs so you can organize your storage instead of shoving it all under there. You will also be able to store more if you can organize it. You can also go under the kitchen sink with more plastic tubs and baskets for storage. If you have an exposed sink, try tall hamper baskets to store extra toiletries, hair tools, or towels! For more underneath storage ideas, click here!

Storage Unit

If you are still finding that you need more space in your apartment, then it is time to rent a storage unit. This is where you can store items you aren’t currently in need of, out of season clothing, larger pieces of furniture that you don’t use and more. Some facilities even offer month to month storage so you can store things for smaller amounts of time if need be. This is also very helpful in between moving or remodels. Storage units come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so there is sure to be one to match your needs. 

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