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The Ultimate Guide to Storing Furniture in Greenwood, Indiana


The Ultimate Guide to Storing Furniture

If you’ve lived in your home for a substantial amount of time, there’s bound to be pieces of furniture for which you do not have room, do not currently have a need, do not use, or just no longer enjoy. It can be difficult to decide what to do with unused or rarely used furniture, especially if it is in good condition. Self-storage gives you the convenience of storage space without limiting the space in your home. With added benefits, such as climate control, furniture can maintain its condition over time, allowing you to realistically consider holding onto large items, even if you don’t currently have room for them in your home.

The first decision you must make is whether to store your items or sell them. To determine the fate of your furniture, ask the following questions:

  • Is the piece of furniture an heirloom or antique that you may want to pass down, even though you don’t currently have a use for it? Just because something is an heirloom doesn’t mean that it must be put on display in your home. If you have an item of sentimental value such as this, consider storing it in self-storage.
  • Do you think you will use the furniture again if you rearrange or redecorate your house in the future, or if you move? A piece of furniture that seems out of place in a room can be perfect for that same room once it is redecorated, painted, or similarly updated. If you are the type of person who does a lot of redecorating or makes other frequent changes in your house, consider hanging on to your furniture.

When in doubt, store it- better safe than sorry.

There are many benefits to storing your furniture. Storing your furniture in self-storage creates more space in your home. Bulky, unused furniture is obtrusive and gets in the way of your ability to enjoy your home. Use self-storage to make room for other things in your home or just to create a calming empty space. Self-storage units also provide extra space for when you are planning to move or need to declutter your home, allowing you to transform a cluttered room into useful space. Additionally, climate-controlled self-storage units protect your furniture better than storing those same items in your home. Unlike a basement, attic, or garage, self-storage facilities frequently offer climate-controlled units. Climate control keeps everything in your storage unit at a constant temperature, which protects your items from high heat and freezing conditions. Excessive cold can make wooden furniture brittle, heat can damage leather and upholstery, and humidity can warp and crack the wood. A climate-controlled unit can protect your furniture from these conditions.

Before storing your items, make all necessary repairs and clean your furniture.

  • Apply oils to the wood;
  • Vacuum the upholstery;
  • Clean the glass;
  • Apply rust protectant to metal;
  • Use polish on leather items to protect against drying and cracking.

Ensure that your storage space is clean and does not have any leaks.
Water leaking in from the outside can erode your belongings and lead to mold growth. Line the floor of your storage unit with thick plastic sheets to protect your furniture and make it easier to slide heavy furniture from one point to another. Disassemble large furniture to maximize space in your storage unit, and place any screws, nuts, bolts, locks, and keys in a Ziploc bag taped to your furniture- this will make it easier when you’re reassembling the piece. To save space, stack your items neatly based on size and weight. Avoid balancing furniture on top of other furniture and stack larger, heavier items beneath smaller, lighter items to avoid a damaging collapse. Wrap delicate objects in padding to protect them and wrap items with sharp edges to protect other items from their wrath. Place larger and heavier objects in the back of your self-storage unit, and smaller items in front. This will save space and allow you to sort through things more easily when the time comes.

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