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The Ins and Outs of Choosing Self-Storage


With the fall season approaching its peak, it’s officially time for families to start cleaning and clearing up clutter for the winter season. Not to mention, as the temperatures slowly drop, more families are looking to store away their summer items like pool toys and outdoor furniture. That aside there could be plenty of reasons you want to make some extra room in the house or move extra items. Here are a few ins and outs to help you navigate through the process.

Select a Drive-in Self-Storage Company

To begin with, choose a self-storage unit that allows drive-in access. This provides convenience when you need to store away additional items at short notice – simply drive up to the unit, remove your items from the car, and keep them in your secure unit.

This also works the other way around; anytime you need something important from the unit, you don’t wait until next season to get it out. Instead, you can stop by the unit and pick up what you need.

Evaluate how Much Space you Need

Sure, ‘bigger is better’ can apply to plenty of things, but when you’re choosing a self-storage unit, it’s best that you stick to as much as you need. If you accidentally choose a bigger unit than you need, you’ll be paying a lot more for unnecessary extra space.

Sure, you won’t know the exact dimensions of the storage unit you’ll need, but do you understand how much height is required? For instance, will you be storing vehicles like boats? Or perhaps your car? If not, you probably won’t need extra height in your unit.

For a closer estimate of the space you need, you need to do a thorough inventory.

Do an Inventory

Consider this; what will your self-storage unit mainly comprise? Will there be any bulky furniture like beds, fridges, or televisions? If not, you probably won’t need a unit bigger than a storage closet. For example, you can assume that the stuff you intend to store will take up two storage containers and a dresser. Based on the items you inventory, you can use the company’s unit sizing guide to choose the kind of unit you need.

Don’t Book at the Last Minute

You should never leave booking a self-storage unit until the last minute. Since selecting the right unit for your needs will require that you consider many factors, it’s best that you start searching early on to avoid not getting the size you need. Worst case scenario; you’ll be stuck with excess clutter for the rest of the season.

However, this isn’t all you need to take care of before you’re ready to move your things into the unit. You need to carefully pack everything so it stays protected and take up any damage. Moreover, you should also arrange your things in a way that lets you save space and reduces any extra room that could allow falling. Regardless of how many things you need a unit for, the rules for protective packaging and inventory still apply. Remember these for a smooth self-storage experience.



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