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Summer Car Storage Tips


If your family enjoys summer vacation, it’s probably due because it’s a golden opportunity for you to go on vacation and visit a resort. If that’s your plan, you’ll need to practice a few summer car storage tips so that your asset stays in great shape while in a storage unit.

Get a Good Storage Location

For starters, you should choose a good storage unit that will keep your car shielded from the elements. A drive-in storage unit will be ideal because it also means you can store away other valuable items easily as well. You’ll need to ensure that it offers good insulation, protection from fluctuating temperatures, and prevention from pests. One good example is Smith Valley Storage.

Keep The Insurance Policy

If you’re feeling tempted to cancel the insurance policy, don’t. Sure, it allows you to save some money initially, but there’s a likelihood of your insurance provider raising the rate because your car was uninsured for a considerable period of time.

This means having to pay higher costs in the long run. Then again, this can vary based on your insurance company, so contacting them is your best course of action.

Car Storage Preparation Tips

Raise it Up to Avoid Tire Damage

If you’re planning on keeping the car in storage for over a month, you may want to remove the tires. Instead, keep your car raised on jack stands. Keeping your car parked on the tires for too long can flatten out spots in the tires since the weight presses down on a small surface area of the rubber.

Although properly inflating your tires helps avoid this, it’s best to err on the side of caution and opt for jack stands.

Charge the Battery

If you keep your battery connected for too long, it’ll lose its charge. If a battery discharges completely, it can lead to permanent damage. Ideally, you should ask someone to start the car and run it so that the battery charges and keeps the internal fluids flowing.

If you can’t leave someone with access to the storage unit, invest in a battery tender i.e. trickle charger. The charger provides an adequate amount of charge, which prevents the battery from fully discharging.

Fill up the Tank

Don’t store your car for long periods with an empty or half-full tank. By filling it to the top, you keep condensation from occurring while the internal seals remain lubricated. One of the best summer car storage tips is to invest in fuel stabilizer. It’ll prevent gasoline from deteriorating for up to 12 months, and keeps rust buildup in the fuel system while the gas stays fresh.

Give it an oil Change

Get your car’s engine oil changed before leaving it in storage because used oil can damage the engine due to its acidic elements.

Wash it Down and Clean Up Properly

There’s no need to wash your car when you’re putting it away in storage anyway, right? Wrong. It may seem unnecessary but stains, dirt, and debris that are left for long periods can damage the paint. Go the extra mile and clean under the fenders to clean any remaining tar, grease or mud. Additionally, clean the tires and cover your car to keep it dustproof.

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