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Storing Seasonal Items


Storing Season Items in a Storage Unit makes good sense!

              Consider storing seasonal items at Smith Valley Storage in Greenwood, Indiana.  When seasons change, we’re all left with clothing and items we won’t need until their season returns.  These items can be bulky and, if unnecessary, clutter up our homes and get in our way.  Over the years we accumulate more and more holiday decorations, and while those beautiful Christmas candelabras and spooky Halloween placemats are perfect for their holidays, they just clutter up our drawers and closets for the rest of the year.  If you are feeling the clutter of your seasonal items and holiday decorations, consider renting a self-storage unit to help declutter your home and keep track of your belongings until it is time to bring them back out.

              With self-storage, you can rent one storage unit and use it for every season.  When a new season begins, just replace the belongings in your storage unit with your items from the season that just ended.  Renting a self-storage unit is convenient and allows you to keep track of all your stuff when it isn’t in use.

Spring and Summer Storage

              When winter ends and the temperatures rise, you’ll want to store your winter clothing, accessories, and other winter gear.  A self-storage unit is a great solution for getting your winter gear (sweaters, hats, gloves, coats, and even winter sports equipment) out of the house.  Think beyond clothes- a self-storage unit is great for things like snow mobiles, snow blowers, sleds, skis, car roof racks and tailgating equipment, shovels, college dorm belongings, and a self-storage unit is especially great for holiday decorations!

              A self-storage unit is a great solution for holiday decorations that would otherwise clutter your home.  Again, think broadly about this.  A storage-unit isn’t just for the Christmas tree- it is also great for wrapping paper, stockings, lawn ornaments, and anything else that will just be taking up space in your house until the next holiday season.  Anyone who has ever moved knows that small items add up to take up a large amount of space, so comb the house and don’t overlook anything.  If you won’t be using it this season, throw it in a box and pack it away.

Fall and Winter Storage


              When the summer ends, the kids go back to school, and the weather cools down, you don’t want shorts, t-shirts, bicycles, skateboards, swimwear, pool toys, beach supplies, kayaks and canoes, patio furniture, and yard equipment taking up valuable space in your home.  When packing these items, there are several details to keep in mind:

  • Do not place items in your self-storage unit while wet;
  • Give your beach supplies room to breathe, so they don’t become moldy or covered in mildew;
  • Use Damp-Rid in your self-storage unit to ensure mold doesn’t grow and your items don’t become musty;
  • Label your storage containers to ensure everything is easy to locate (if you can store your items in clear plastic containers, it is even better, but don’t forget to label the containers also);
  • Packing your clothing with dryer sheets will keep your clothing smelling fresher;
  • Hang clothing in wardrobe boxes;
  • Clean your patio furniture before packing it away.  Use mild soap and water on most furniture, and be sure to let it dry before storing in your unit;
  • Use dust covers or furniture covers to protect those items;
  • Never store an item with fuel in it.  If storing yard equipment, empty oil tanks before putting them in your storage unit.  If storing a grill, make sure the fuel tank is disconnected;
  • Make sure all your outdoor items are covered, even when stored inside, to prevent damaging any foam or rubber materials;
  • Store large and heavy items on the ground to prevent them from falling and damaging other items.

Other Self-Storage Tips


  • Make sure everything you pack away is organized and labeled.  This will save a lot of time and headache when you pull those items back out next season, and will also help protect the items from damage in your self-storage unit.
  • It is best to store seasonal items in a climate-controlled unit to prevent weather-related damage.  The climate control feature functions as an air conditioner and dehumidifier inside the self-storage unit and helps to keep your belongings safe from external conditions.
  • Refrain from stacking your boxes too high in your self-storage unit.  Stacking boxes too-high can lead to damaged belongings due to boxes falling on each other and can make it difficult to retrieve your belongings when their season returns.
  • Be sure to select the appropriately sized unit for your belongings.  5×5 and 5×10 self-storage units work well for storing seasonal clothing and other items that do not take up a lot of space.  Use a 10×10 and 10×15 self-storage unit when storing college dorm belongings and small amounts of furniture.  Larger units can be the size of a garage and are great for storing motorized seasonal vehicles, large furniture, and large quantities of other items.
  • If you’re paying for storage, your self-storage facility should provide you with advanced security features like video surveillance and alarmed units.  These features will give you peace of mind that your belongings are safe while stored away from your home.

Get your seasonal items out of your house and into a self-storage unit!  Once you and your family see how much space you’ve freed in your home, you will know you made the right decision.

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