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How to Store Holiday Decorations


Holidays are a great way to get together with friends and family and enjoy a nice meal. One of the most important things that come with every holiday is themed decorations. And while they do bring the house alive and make for better ambiance, they can be very difficult to store seeing how delicate they are. Here are a few ways to help you better store your holiday decorations.

Store Holiday Decorations

Hang Your Ornaments

The ornaments for your Christmas tree are especially fragile and require proper storage. And the best way to store them is to make custom arrangements to hang them. Hanging your ornaments will save them from being crushed inside a box, and hanging them can help you better organize them. Wrap the ribbon on wooden rods and keep them in a plastic bin. The best part about keeping your holiday decorations like this is that they are ready to use right out the box.

Wrap Christmas Lights around Cardboard

As for your Christmas lights, you can wrap them around sheets of cardboard. The sheets of cardboard not only keep the lights from being tangled, but they can also stay organized. Wrapping them this way can also save you some much-needed space.

Store Holiday Decorations in Dedicated Boxes

Don’t blame yourself for not keeping the original boxes for the ornaments, nobody does. And even people who manage to keep these boxes, they often turn into dented disasters. But lucky for you, there is another way that you can store these fragile decorations, and that is with wine boxes. Wine boxes are sturdier than regular cardboard boxes, and some even come with separators that you can use to keep the decorations organized.

Halloween Decorations

Use Color-Coded Plastic TubsStore Holiday Decor

Using color-coded plastic tubs is a great way to keep all of your Halloween decorations. These plastic tubs can keep your beautiful decorations safe from humid environments and even leaks inside your house. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic ones do not allow water to reach the inside.

Keep Fabric and Paper in Resealable Bags

Ziplocs or other resealable plastic bags are a great way to store fabric and paper decorations. Unlike other decorations, these are especially susceptible to environmental damage and can be very difficult to clean, especially if they get dirty. A resealable plastic bag will keep them safe from the environment and insects.

Use Bubble Wrap for specific Items

If some of your Halloween decorations are a little fragile or need an extra layer of protection, then you can cover them with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap can help keep your fragile good safe from harm and can save them from breaking.

Label Each Box and Bag

You don’t just want to store your decorations away, and you want to find them for next year. Organizing them with labels is a great way to remember what is inside each box, which can save you plenty of time.

In conclusion, holiday decorations can make the celebration a lot more special and can give your house that holiday feeling. So it is important to keep your decorations safe where nothing can happen to them.

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