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Moving to Greenwood?


If you are getting ready to move to or in Greenwood, Indiana, you may need additional storage while you prepare. Here are some helpful tips for the preparation of your move:

1.  Get Organized.  This means going through all of your closets, and separating what you use and don’t use.  If you haven’t used an item in the past 12 months, consider donating it to Goodwill.  Once you have separated your items, you can start boxing them up.
2.  Moving Supplies.  It’s important to have the correct materials when you are getting ready for a move.  This includes moving boxes, tape, tape dispenser, and permanent markers.  You will label all of your boxes, so it’s easy to sort through your belongings.  You should label your boxes according to which room of your home they belong in.
3.  Find a Storage Facility.  You should store extra items you are not using, but wish to save for future use in a safe, dry environment.  This will reduce clutter and help you be more organized with your move.  It will also facilitate the sale of your home by having less “stuff” to properly present your home.
4.  Locate a Moving Company.  You will want to find a moving company that will move you on the date you are scheduled, along with giving you the right price.  We recommend calling a few local moving companies to get prices, and dates.
5.  The Right Storage Facility.  We recommend calling around to local storage facilities and find one that will accommodate your timeframe without excessive fees and month to month contracts.  At Smith Valley Storage, we offer month to month rental agreements, with no additional upfront fees.
6.  Greenwood Business Recommendations for Home Repairs:  If you need someone to make a plumbing repair prior to your move, we recommend Carters My Plumber in Greenwood.  We recommend Dugan Heating and Air for any furnace or air conditioning repairs.  Feel free to call us at Smith Valley Storage for further referrals 317-882-7361.
The most important part of moving is to be organized and keep accurate notes.  It’s a stressful time when you are moving a household.  It’s best to plan at least 3 to 4 months ahead and make the necessary provisions of being organized along the way.
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