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How To Store A Car For Winter


Car enthusiasts, if you live in the Midwest, then you know how important winter car storage is! If you won’t be driving your classic/sports/collector car this winter, choosing a storage unit is not an option.  your compact or small car can fit in storage spaces measuring 15 feet deep or more.  If you have a full-size car you need to store, it will need at least a depth of 20 feet.  It is important to measure your vehicle to account for length or width, before deciding on a storage unit.

Indoor/Outdoor Storage Units

There are indoor storage units and outdoor units.  Indoor storage units offer a storage experience more like storing at home.  The doors of these particular units are inside and can be climate-controlled.  Outdoor storage units are more accessible and ideal for storing large valuable items. Items such as a classic car.  It is a very simple process to get items in and out of the storage unit.  You can drive straight to the unit door for loading and unloading.

Why You DO NOT Want to Store Your Collector Car Outside

It is important to keep a vintage car dry and this requires an indoor storage unit.  The engine will be better protected in a vehicle that’s stored indoor. This is because the fluid and oil will be in a stable element.  Outdoor elements, such as rain, snow, and wind can damage the exterior of a vehicle.  Leaving the “prized car” outside can leave the car with a weakened topcoat and possible rust. Storing your car in indoor storage space will keep all moisture and rain off of the underbody of the car.   An indoor unit offers electricity which is helpful to charge the battery of the car.  The tires of your car need a “little TLC” as well.  An indoor unit will keep your tires from losing pressure, freezing up, and wearing down.  We don’t always think about those little rodents that want to find their way to warmth.  Storing a car inside a unit will protect your car from these “little squeakers”.

Long Term Savings

These prized cars are a huge investment, and one of the most valuable items owned outside of your home.  Parking these cars outside leaves them exposed to vandalism and theft.  Parking them in an indoor unit keeps this investment safe.  Certain insurance companies will offer policies for car owners that store their cars in an indoor unit. Long term, this will save you money and out of pocket expenses that outdoor storage can cost!!  If you are planning to ever sell this vintage/collector car, your resale value will be greater if it’s stored in an inside unit.  “Believe it or not, mechanics can tell if a car’s stored in a garage or outside. Vehicle exteriors are kept in much better condition when stored in a garage which can lead to greater resale values.”  Protecting this investment matters and storing it properly is one way to ensure protection and long-term savings.

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