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Downsize Storage in Greenwood Indiana


Downsize Storage in Greenwood Indiana

Downsize storage in Greenwood Indiana is at Smith Valley Storage! If you need someone to understand the downsizing concept, and the need for a safe, dependable storage facility to store precious valuables- then you’re at the right place!

What is Downsize Storage?

Downsizing can mean a world of different things, however, when it comes to downsizing your homes, that means you need to store some stuff away! Downsizing may feel like a scary thought, but in the end, we promise it will be worth it. Downsize storage means putting away the things you don’t necessarily need anymore, but still, have a want for them. Notice how I said need and want? Those are the key factors with downsizing.

What to think about with Downsize Storage:

You need to think about a few things before you keep, dump, donate, or store your things. A good rule of thumb is to evaluate the piece first:

Is it a family heirloom?
Is it in good condition?
What is the sentimental value worth?
Will I need this again?
Will someone else belefit more from this?

Once you have done your evaluation of each piece, now they can be placed, ie. in the house, storage unit, trash, or donation pile. This will make the process much easier and eliminate you having to do it over and over again! The point of downsizing is to only do it once. Remember: Keep, Dump, Donate, or Store!

Why do I need Downsize Storage?

You need downsize storage to 1. declutter your life and 2. so you can downsize your space! Now before you go throwing all of your stuff away, take another read of the section above before you go throwing EVERYTHING away. Yes, we need to get rid of things, but not all of them. Find a storage unit that works for you. Maybe you don’t need a huge place, maybe something small for that couch you just can’t part ways with yet. Or maybe you need a larger place to store that couch and the other 3 you can’t part ways with!

Babyboomers x Downsize Storage!

It’s about that time when all of the baby boomer’s children are leaving the nests. Now there is too much space you don’t even know what to do with it. It’s time to downsize! However, when checking that dreaded scary room in the basement, we all come to a realization- WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF! If you’re anything like me, I still have all of those baby clothes and kids first drawings. Stuff I just can’t get rid of and want to keep forever. We always think, “well we’ve kept it this long, what’s a few more decades?” Or maybe you’re one of those who had a parent across seas and can’t part with their old memorabilia. Whoever you are, I know you have STUFF. Now is the time to get a storage unit and pile it away and downsize. Be sure to refer to that section above and not to just go “throw away happy”. Take time when going through your stuff, if it’s sentimental, store it!

College Grads x Downsize Storage!

Okay-so, you just graduated. You have that huge couch your parents let you have (in good condition), that big dining room table from grandma, and your gaming system your girlfriend hates. Oh, and you’re moving into a studio in Chicago WITH your girlfriend for your real first job. Seem like a lot? Well, it is and that’s not a lot of space! It’s time to downsize and store away some of that stuff until you’re ready for that big house you’ve always dreamed of! Downsizing does not always mean you’re downsizing for good or have to be a bad thing. When you get a storage unit, it’s basically telling your stuff you are saving it for later. In this case- saving it for bigger and better things (or when you can get a space to play your game without your girlfriend knowing). Downsize the right way and don’t get rid of all that stuff you will need later!

Where can I put my Downsize Storage?!

Well, that’s easy, Smith Valley Storage in Greenwood, Indiana is the perfect spot for your beloved hope chest, that video game system the girlfriend won’t let you keep, and much-much-much-much more! The owners of Smith Valley have even recently downsized themselves and understand the true importance of downsize storage in Greenwood Indiana.

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