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Can I Store Furniture In an Outside Storage Unit in Greenwood?


Ready to replace your floors? Need a space to store furniture in between moves? Smith Valley Storage has your solution! To maximize savings, consider storing your furniture in one of our outside storage units.

While this option does not include the benefits of renting a climate-controlled unit, with the proper storage techniques outside storage units can be a safe place to store your couch and other furniture items. Read on to learn about how you can properly store your furniture in an outside storage unit in Greenwood, Indiana!

Clean your items before storage

Minimize the possibility of your furniture accumulating bugs, dirt, and smelly odors by thoroughly cleaning your furniture before storage. Different materials require different cleaning processes so be sure to research this before cleaning! If cleaning your furniture with water or other cleaning liquids make sure that it is COMPLETELY dry before storing.

Visit these links for more information on how to clean specific pieces of furniture:





Disassemble your items

Especially for wooden furniture, disassembling your items before storage is important! This can reduce the risk of rust or rot destroying your furniture. Remove table legs, chest drawers, doors, and headboards when possible. Make your life easier by carefully labeling all nuts/bolts and taping sealed parts to the furniture so that reassembling is a breeze!


Prepare your storage unit

While all Smith Valley Storage units are cleaned upon arrival, we suggest laying tarps or drop sheets on the ground and securing with tape to maximize safety and cleanliness. By using outside storage there is the possibility that moisture from the floor can seep into your furniture if this step is skipped!


Draping your Items

Prepare your items for storage by loosely draping furniture in light colored sheets. Dark sheets may lead to dye from the sheet bleeding onto your furniture if moisture is present. This process can prevent scrapes and dust accumulation. If your piece of furniture has protruding parts, wrap these in bubble wrap to prevent any bumps or scrapes.

Storing your furniture in an outside storage unit is possible! If you want more protection from the elements, we suggest renting a climate-controlled unit. Want to get started on your storage experience? Check out Smith Valley Storage rental options today!