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Bike Storage in Greenwood Indiana


Summers in Indiana are great. You have the opportunity to take some much-needed vacation time and just relax. What better way to wind down on a summer day than take a bike ride? While it still might be 80 degrees and sunny, you need to consider what you are going to do with your bike during the winter.

Bikes can be bulky and take up space in your garage. Maximize your storage options by choosing to store your bike at Smith Valley Storage!

Bike Storage in Greenwood Indiana

We have some of the best Bike Storage in Greenwood Indiana. Forget making room in your already crowded garage. Rent out one of our units and keep your bike safe and sound during the winter months.

Before you store your bike, make sure it is ready with these steps;

1. Remove all electronics and water bottles from the bike
– By doing this you are preserving the battery life of your electronics and removing the potential rust and mold build up from a leaky water bottle. You can save money on replacement parts by protecting what you already have! Store these smaller items in a dry more protected location.

2. Wash the bike
– Make sure that all of the dust and dirt buildups is removed from the bike. All material left on the bike could cause damage. This damage includes rust and corrosion. Clean your bike with a solution of warm water and dishwashing detergent.
For more information on washing your bike, visit:

3. Tune-up your bike
– Before storing your bike, check for any repairs you can make now instead of waiting to do it in the spring. This can give you a jumpstart on breaking your wheels out in the spring.

4. Pump the tires
– This is a must-do when you get out your bike in the spring. Most riders don’t think to do this before winter storage. Airing up the tires before storage will eliminate the chance of a deformity occurring during storage.

5. Oil the chains
– This process helps lessen the likelihood of corrosion occurring. This process helps preserve the value and durability of your bike.

Follow these steps and you are ready for bike storage success! For more information on bike storage visit:

Bike Storage in Greenwood Indiana

Smith Valley Storage provides all the amenities needed for proper bike storage. Amenities include

o Climate-controlled units
o Top-notch security
o 24-hour access
o Centrally located

Clean, Secure, & Affordable

Smith Valley Storage provides top quality self-storage units in Greenwood, Indiana. Our storage units provide a clean, secure, and affordable way to store your belongings. We have a variety of storage units available ranging in size and climate-controlled units. Customer service is our main priority! Rent and pay for storage units online with ease! Storage units are accessible with drive-up access 24/7. We want to provide you with an excellent self-storage experience. For more information visit or call us at 317-882-7361 today!

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