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Baby Boomer Storage in Greenwood Indiana


Baby Boomer Storage in Greenwood Indiana

Baby boomer storage in Greenwood Indiana is at Smith Valley Storage!   The couple who owns Smith Valley Storage happens to be baby boomers themselves.  They totally get the downsizing concept, and the need for a safe, dependable storage facility to store precious valuables.


Baby Boomers face several key decisions when down-sizing.

Baby boomers are at the time in their lives where they want to take care of less house and enjoy more free-time.  The decisions to buy or rent, sell or lease is the first critical measure.  Then the moving process is a huge ordeal.  Packing is exhausting and the last item a baby boomer needs is making the decision to throw away precious items that made memories.  Therefore, the option of storage is a key decision.  The items that are most meaningful and need to be maintained can easily be stored.  So, choosing the right storage facility is key!


Baby Boomers are finding their kids don’t want their memorabilia

Maybe it’s a collection of American dolls, or the bikes the kids first rode.  There are so many sentimental items that were used raising kids, that it’s hard to part with.  They may not want the items now, but down the road, once they are settled they may rethink their decision.  Many parents have heirlooms that have been in the family for generations, and it’s important to keep.  Therefore, the safest and best option is storage.  At least it’s stored in a dry and safe climate, where the decision can be made at a later date.


Self-Storage can be the best option to declutter a home while downsizing

Once the baby boomer has made the critical decision to sell their home, often times realtors will suggest they declutter.  This is when self-storage comes into the equation!  Choosing a local self-storage facility is a must!  Finding one that is easily accessible, so you can drive right up to drop your items off.  It may be a short-term option in order to sell your home faster.  The presentation is always the most important aspect of showing a home.  Self-storage is a small price to pay in order to sell a home faster and finalize the process quicker.


Baby Boomer Storage in Greenwood Indiana

Look for storage at Smith Valley Storage in Greenwood Indiana.  The facility is owned by local folks, who are baby boomers themselves!  The facility has 24 hour secutiry cameras, and is accessible 24 hours a day with a gated entrance.  The units are easy to drive up to, and they are clean and rodent free.  Please call Smith Valley Storage for more details today at 317-882-7361 or go online to their website


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