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5 Reasons Why You Need a Storage Unit


Out of the many, here are 5 reasons why you need a storage unit. Are you finding yourself in a new life situation that requires more space for your special belongings? Life can be unexpected, a storage unit can help out in many situations!

5 Reasons Why You Need a Storage Unit


1. Parents are Downsizing

It appears the minute you buy your first home your parents are suddenly downsizing to a smaller home or even moving to another state. If this is the case, then they’re probably calling you to come and get your “junk”. If your parents are the sentimental type they may have kept everything from your coming home outfit to those love letters you received from your high school crush. If you’re the sentimental type as well, you may find yourself wanting to hold on to more than you have room for. A storage unit could be a great solution for this type of situation, especially if your spouse has the same sentimental values with her own childhood belongings.

 2. Transitioning to a Minimalist Lifestyle

Are you jumping on the minimalist bandwagon? Maybe you’re building a tiny house and starting to purge all your less useful objects. Before throwing everything away or donating you may want to think about renting a storage unit for some items that may hold a sentimental value but are not that useful now. Your minimalist self may thank your future self, so think twice.

3. You’re a Foster Parent

Being a foster parent is such a selfless act that may come with a lot of obstacles. One of those obstacles is finding the right items in the blink of an eye. If you’re a foster parent then you know you have minimal time to find certain items, especially if you are going to foster an infant. A storage unit is great for this type of situation. You can store an extra crib, baby clothes, changing tables and much more.

4. City Living and Lack of Garage

Do you live in a city but still own enough to fill a five-bedroom house? Many professionals are finding the need to move for a short period of time due to new job obligations. If this is your current situation, a storage unit may be of great help to house your valuable possessions for the time being.

5. Outdoor Hobbies

Are you an outdoor enthusiast with lots of hobbies? Whether it’s kayaking, mountain biking, or motorsports-you may need a storage unit to hold these large items that are necessary for your passions. A storage unit is also great for a lot of your gear since it’s temperature controlled and will keep your pricey items in tip-top shape. Life throws you many curveballs and storage units are a great help to when the unexpected comes about. While we only listed 5 reasons why you need a storage unit, there are many more. Be prepared and smart about storage!

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